Our Team

  • Managing Director
    Mr. Dinesh Raj Joshi
  • Marketing
    Mr. nabin r. joshi
  • Marketing
    Mr. ganesh pandey
  • Accountant
    Ms. Sarita Pant Joshi

D.R.World Wide Export Services is one of the leading International Cargo forwarding & Courier service provider company from Nepal.

Our main goal is to serve our customers with the highest satisfaction & promptness.
Our Reliability honesty, accuracy, close communication and commitment is our main asset. We offer all types of services, from Express Documents & Parcel to Door to Door Cargo, airfreight to sea freight, warehousing to complete packing and complete international transportation services. Moreover, in consolidations of the scope and complexity of Modern Global Operations in Shipping and Freight Forwarding, we have a sales force highly trained in the Shipping field, the Airfield and the Ground field, and more than capable of working in accordance with custom requirements. We firmly believe in services and communication and with this in mind we operate for 24 hours/365 days a year. This helps our overseas customer and agents no matter when or where problems or assistance is required.

Just sending cargo is not a big deal however providing you inefficiencies and smooth implementation plan through a careful design of delivery points, with route development and built long term partnership with each customer is a main important deal. So we are always conscious for the same logic and assure you for 100% guaranteed service solution with most profitable way to meet all your challenges.
That is main work for D.R.World Wide Export.

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